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When I have a play for my regular clients on a feature game (e.g. MNF, Thursday CFB, Playoffs, Bowls) you can purchase it by clicking the link below:

Bankrolls: Nelson's 1st TD and Eventual Pack Cover Make for Big SB Day

I added this feature to my website before Football in 2006 - beginning with a hypothetical $10,000.

The top row shows you what that $10,000 would currently be had you bet all my picks since that time.

By selecting a sport and clicking "GO" you can track the results of the current year for that specific sport. Use the "Previous Years" link to check prior years.

"Amount" of each bet is based on the money management principles outlined in my book.

Bet results are categorized by Process (Good or Bad) and Outcome (Wins or Loses). Good bets lose and Bad bets win every day.

  • Deserved Success = Good bet Wins
  • Poetic Justice = Bad bet Loses
  • Bad Break = Good bet Loses
  • Dumb Luck = Bad bet Wins

In the long run, successful sports betting is the result of focusing on Process rather than Outcome; make Good bets and don't worry too much about their individual outcomes. In the short run, luck can make anyone look equally good or bad.

Date Sport Bet Where Amount Score Process vs.
Result Bankroll

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