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When I have a play for my regular clients on a feature game (e.g. MNF, Thursday CFB, Playoffs, Bowls) you can purchase it by clicking the link below:

Caveat Emptor: Has Doctor Turned Tout?

  • Most of my Picks are Locks - they simply can't lose.
  • I'll win you money every day.
  • I hit at least 70% winners every season.

Did your bullsh*t detector just go off? Is your "spider sense" tingling? Hope so! If you're willing to believe any of the above claims, you are definitely on the wrong website. Yet these statements are typical of many sports betting "services". Every "tout" should be considered guilty until proven innocent - including me. This type of marketing still works. It comes from the quacks of the industry. Their claims are in the same league as:
  • "melt pounds of fat off while you sleep"
  • "get rock hard abs in 4 weeks"
  • "make $6,000 a month passive income in your new home business"

Here are some guarantees regarding my sports betting service:

1. I don't need your money. I don't make my living peddling picks. The "Betting Doctor" is still a part-time real doctor; and doing fine, thank you very much. I started this business because I wanted to interact in a fulfilling way with those that have the same passion for sports betting that I do.

2. I am betting my own money, along with you, on every pick that I release.

3. Every pick I release might lose.

4. I will lose money some days/weeks/months and maybe even some seasons.

5. I will almost certainly not hit 70% winners in a season - on straight bets, I'd be quite happy with 55-60.

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